About Danielle

Hi all. My name is Danielle O’Leary and I am a football fanatic.


It all started when I was 5 years old. I was the first born grandchild and so got a lot of attention of my Uncle Mick and Grandad Michael. They both had season tickets for Nottingham Forest FC and whenever one couldn’t make the game, they would take me along. It didn’t take long for the bug to bite and within 2 years I had my very own season ticket in the Upper Trent, and still remain seated there to this day.


My first experience of the World cup was France 98. I remember being mesmerized by messers Beckham and Owen and my Nanar, despite being Irish brought me my first England shirt (many England shirts have since “gone missing”, I’m sure she’s binned them). I was introduced to Penalty heartbreak from a young age and I reckon I’ve only just started to fully forgive Becks for THAT kick.


In this blog, I will be covering the matches, exciting events and through my Brazilian friends maybe give a insight to Brazilian life and culture. As I write this there are 7 days to go until Kick off and I am beyond Excited. MyPanini sticker album is nearly complete, I’ve got crates waiting in the shed and I’m hoping for at least one sunny day for a BBQ. Pick your sweepstake teams people, The World Cup is coming 🙂


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